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When you’ve dented or damaged the bodywork on your car or van, there’s not only a cosmetic effect: leaving bumps and dents unattended can lead to long-term problems with spreading rust. Accident damage can render the vehicle unfit for the road – and if you depend on it for your work, you need to know you can get it drivable again before you start to lose money.

Give us a call at Romford Coachworks – we pride ourselves in our specialist knowledge of accident repairs and the quality of workmanship that we offer.

All repairs are carried out using high quality materials and manufacturer approved paints resulting in high quality repairs.

You can click to call free or send us an email – We'll be happy to give you a free estimate for the work you want.

Free Bodywork Estimates

Whether you require an estimate for a cosmetic repair, large accident repair or full respray, we will give you the best price together with the best finish. Get in touch with Romford Coachworks today to find out more information.

Smart Repairs

You may not need a paint job at all – we use Smart Repair techniques for paint-less dent on smaller dents. This gives you a quick solution at much lower prices than traditional body shop repairs. Get in touch, or drop in to see us, to see whether your car or van can be restored using this effective technique.

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